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Our Mission: To raise up the Glorious Church, to reveal the glory of God in the earth, to be salt and light,  rescue souls, disciple nations, and impact eternity.

Global Ministry

View our Prophetic Voice page to see what we believe God is saying to America, the Church, and the nations about the days ahead. We must be ready!

Also keep up with the latest by joining our Prophetic Perspective, and more.
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The Church

UPDATED with More Details!
Learn about the Vision and Mission of the upcoming Shekinah Today Church – a Worship and World Prayer Center! This will also include a Biblical Training and Family Center in Frisco, Texas.

Preparing you and your family to stand courageous in the days ahead and rise up and be the Glorious Church in the earth! Learn more

Pray America! Pray! Campaign

The Pray, America! Pray! Campaign is a National Call for repentance and prayer.

Join Christians and Pastors all across America as they pray at noon each day for a Great Awakening across our land.
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