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First Published: Sep.08 • Updated: June 12, .2010

What is God saying to America? How Should We Pray?
What God is Saying to America
God's Compassionate Cry & Warnings
Specific Warnings to America
What's Coming: America Has A Decision To Make
How Should We Pray?
The Biblical Pattern
Please Pray for...
God's Plan and Purpose

The Soul of a Nation:
At this time we believe God is more concerned with the "soul of our nation" than the "prosperity" of it.

America has been raging down a path of self destruction. The godly foundations of our nation and many churches are crumbling under the weight of great sin and compromise. Like the prodigal son in God's Word, if America will turn back to God in true repentance, then she will see His goodness and mercy once again. But if she continues down her current path of great sin, like the prodigal, she will end up in the pig pen. "Be not deceived, God will not be mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that will He also reap" (Galatians 6:7). See the "State of America"

America MUST have a true Great Awakening! It must begin with His Church! GOD is CALLING the Church, the Five-fold ministry, and America to her knees in prayer and true repentance, back to Him. THEN He will hear, forgive, heal, and restore America again. We Must Turn back to Him! (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Global Economy Note: December of 2007 God said of the markets – "like a drunkard it will be unstable, unsettled, uncertain...all things shall seem to come undone." It's all part of His plan. And He offers HOPE in the midst of it all. See "Shifting Economies" (Dec.13.07).

America is at a crossroads – God has warned America what's coming and why...

What God is Saying to America & Why:
God in His great mercy and love has sent compassionate Prophetic Warnings to our nation and it's people.
"America! America!" (Dec.05.07) "America Has A Decision to Make" (May.26.08) •
NEW "America – One Last Time" (Jan.07.09)


"America, America" – A Prophetic Cry & Warning Dec.05.2007
Below are excerpts from"America! America!"
(read it in full here)

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Read here an overview of what has happened since this prophecy was released Dec. 2007.

NEW: A Prophetic "Economic" Perspective
Read here a specific "prophetic sequence" has taken place since Nov. 2007 that gives a clear perspective of how everything has unfolded regarding the economy.

Filled with Sin:
"America, America, you are filled with sin, you have exchanged My Glory and My truth for a lie (Romans 1). You have cast My word and every restraint aside...Turn from your perversions, your lusts and greed, humble yourself and cry out to Me." See the "State of America"

Shedding Innocent Blood (Abortion):
"Choose Life and not death! For the cries of the unborn are calling out to Me. The blood you have shed is knee deep. Turn, turn or you will see blood run in your streets. Turn Roe vs Wade or for all these lives you will surely pay. For as you have sown much death, so shall you shall reap. Judgment is waiting  judgment is waiting, while you keep on debating." (approx 4,000 day! 50 Million since 1973!)

Rejection of God and His Ways:
"I long to show you My mercy, but you have turned Me away, again and again...away from your schools, away from your children, you have turned Me away from rule, from your government. You have rejected Me and My ways, You have given place to other gods."

America must turn and repent from her sin or judgment and destruction will begin.
Repentance must begin with the Church and with the Leaders in God's house! (2 Chronicles 7:14; 1 Peter 4:17)

God's Warning to America:
IF America does not turn and repent then: (below are more excerpts from "America! America!")

God's Hand will be Lifted:
"So now, if you do not repent, I will leave as you have asked, My protection shall leave you,
My goodness and mercy shall leave, and My glory shall leave you. You shall be left to your own ways.

The enemies will come in and the devastation and destruction will begin."

Increase in Natural Disasters:
"For I am the God of all the earth, the wind and the sea, at My command they all obey Me! Natural Disasters will be multiplied unto thee because I have seen your sin and unrepentant heart." (Note: Since the beginning of 2008 headlines such as – "Unprecedented, Historic, Catastrophic" have been used to describe many of 2008's Natural Disasters size and impact ).

The Economy will Dissipate:
"For you must turn and repent, or I shall take your Glory and your wealth from you and you shall no longer be great, for in My hands America, I hold your fate.  For I can cause your markets to fall in a day. All that you trust in will dissipate." (Note: One example headline from Dec.01.08: "It's Official: Recession Since Dec. '07." See report here. The same month "America! America!" came.)

"All they have trusted in is melting away – yet they will not listen to what I say.
I do not wish to bring them pain, but if they refuse to turn and change...." from "America – One Last Time" (Jan.07.09)

War IN America's Streets:
"Enemies, Enemies, Enemies, they all want in! America, America, you are filled with sin...
Turn, Turn, Turn or you will see your cities burn, there shall be bloodshed and war in your streets.
For without My defense you will see defeat at the hands of your enemies! 
...If you will not heed My warnings, My judgments must come, they will run, they will be swift and sure indeed."
(also see the Vision - "Judgment is Running")

"This is not as before, when I would send My messengers and speak, and I would extend My mercy, and extend My mercy, and extend My mercy...this is not as before. For Judgment is standing right at the door. It's right at the door."
(from the prophecy "America Has A Decision to Make")

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read here an overview of what has happened since "America! America!" was released Dec. 2007.

What's Coming:

July 2008 – during a time of prayer I saw America with her hands tied behind her back financially with no way to escape. It seemed she was being driven to her knees and in her weakened state, her enemies wanted to attack. America will have a Decision to make. America's ONLY hope will be turning back to God. It will get very hard on America, but God is wanting to get her full attention before she totally self-destructs. We believe this is in the process of being fulfilled, along with the prophecy "Shifting Economies".

America Has A Decision To Make:
America will be humbled and come to a crossroads – America will have a Decision to make – which Path She should take:
Path 1. Humble herself, repent, and turn back to God with all her heart – then He will show great mercy and deliver.
Path 2. If America does not repent, then God removes His hand of protection and judgment, enemy attacks, and destruction will begin. (see "America! America!").

God's Compassionate Cry to America:
"Turn back to Me and I will heal you and I will help you and I will cover you and show you My glory. Humble yourself under My mighty hand as you did when you were young. Put no other god’s before Me, then I will come and heal your land. This is My final cry to you. America, what, what will you do?" ( "America! America!" & "America Has A Decision to Make")

One Last Time...
"I know how to humble kings.
I know how to humble nations.
You are as Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar to Me.
Your pride, your arrogance, I see.
As a nation, you must bow your knee, you must humble yourself, and acknowledge Me.

There is no other way.
Just as Pharaoh did, you have mocked Me.
You must humble yourself before Me, or I will humble you before all the earth.
This is already beginning, but I'm speaking to you this one last time."
"America – One Last Time" (Jan.07.09)

Also see the following article: Is God different in the Old Testament than He is in the New Testament?

How Should We Pray?

America is a reflection of the Church. The Church has allowed the love of the world and it's ways to take root and influence her!
There is hidden sin in the pulpits of America.
See "Judgment is Coming to the Pulpits of America"

The Biblical Pattern
There is a clear Biblical Pattern in 2 Chronicles 7:14
"If MY people will...humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, AND...TURN from THEIR Wicked Ways...
THEN I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sin, and heal your land."

Repentance must begin first in the Church, with the Leaders, the Five-fold ministry (1 Peter 4:17).

Please Pray For:
PRAY for a Great Awakening that will turn the heart and soul of our nation and our churches back to God! (See A Great Visitation )
that the Fear of God will return to the pulpits of America, to our churches, our nation, and it's capital!
that America will take the right Path – turn back to God – so He can then show His goodness and mercy!

that our churches and America will return to their godly foundations and fullness of truth!
that our leaders will govern righteously, in a way that honors God.
the Church rise up cleansed, purified, unified and be Glorious – engage and influence the culture, laws, and legislation.
for Israel, for godly leaders, wisdom, protection, and for America to fully support her.

God's Plan and Purpose:
God has a plan and purpose for His Church (see "God has A Dream: A Glorious Church – and He has a Strategy")
God has a plan and purpose for America, and He longs to shed His grace and glory upon America once again, but she must first turn from her great sin. We the Church MUST lead the way!


We came across this article in August. It also confirms what God is saying.
SPECIAL NOTE: The following is from the February 2008: Charisma Magazine Article

Larry Stockstill’s Urgent Plea: “We Have a Window of Time for Repentance”
Larry Stockstill had a disturbing dream last week. He saw military trucks and armored vehicles getting in formation for a surprise strike on an American city. Stockstill felt alarmed, but when he tried to warn a pastor in his dream, the man ignored him.

“I knew in my dream that a siege was going to happen the next day,”
Stockstill says. “The enemy was being positioned. But no one would listen to me.”

Larry Stockstill also says:
There is so much moral failure happening out there in churches today. How can we reclaim integrity in ministry? Pastor Larry Stockstill carries a special burden for the American church--he believes it is time for us to quit playing the games. We must embrace humility, character and genuine holiness if we want to see revival in our country.”

“I believe we are facing a window of opportunity for repentance...Unless the pastors wake up to avert judgment, there will be judgment on America. If we don’t respond we are going to lose this nation.” – Pastor Larry Stockstill, early 2008


Complied by Darrel deVille

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